Formula challenge is the only place in the WORLD that you will find a fleet of V8, FC Single Seaters and Karts all in one location for customers to drive.

Craig Greenwood owner/director has been involved in the sport for almost 30 years. In that time has not only built over 25 formula firsts, 14 Formula challenge and 10 V8 race cars he has also run a Formula challenge racing series that was televised for 4 years. He has won a New Zealand single seater National Championship and supports many up an coming drivers in many forms of motor racing.

Since our first paying customer in 1992 Formula Challenge has grown immensely and now boasts the largest operation offering Motorsport experiences in New Zealand.

In 2002 Formula Challenge started a racing series for TV that ran for 4 years over winter, this was hugely successful and only stopped as due to the success private bookings were now taking up all of our time.



First paying customers – Luxford Family 1992

At Manfeild with Richard Lester Motorsport, Greg Murphy instructor 1990




Building the new Race Car 2017

Track Day Taupo




Unloading the first Formula Challenge car at Taupo -1999. Wet day but on slick tyres

Action out on the circuit. Here we are in 2002 at the Taupo track with the televisedĀ Formula Challenge Race series.



Our vehicle fleet – Hampton Downs 2011