The team at Flatshifter/quickshifters are passionate about designing and building professional high quality quickshifters and unique motorsport professional shift systems for over 15 years.

In Y2K we had been distributing quick-shifters for only motorcycle engines for about 2 years and had started receiving customer enquiries about the possibility of clutch less down rev matching gear shift systems. As the only bump and blip systems we set out to develop our own unique rev matching auto throttle blipping system.

Our aim was to produce a professional shift system that was reliable, affordable, simple to adjust,versatile, low maintenance and worked at all engine and road speeds while being extremely effective. It was also essential to have an over-rev inhibitor to prevent engine damage caused by the vehicle pushing the engine through the rev limiter by making too many downshifts too quickly.

Eventually we came up with the idea of using engine manifold vacuum pressure to power and automatically regulate the engine throttle blip required for reliable downshifting. A patent was applied for and subsequently granted.

We have yet another 2 new Flatshifter products introduced in 2013 designed to improve the somewhat clunky standard gear selection on most motorcycle gearboxes, this product also greatly reduces missed shifts/false neutrals. Enquire about the Flatshifter Silk-shift kit.

FLATSHIFTER PADDLES                                                               

The ultimate electric paddle shifter – Fully adjustable CNC machined paddles features include:

  • Paddles work with virtually all makes & types of electric Pneumatic gear selector systems
  • Adjustable blipper spring loading
  • Single or double shift arm operation
  • Adjustable blipper arm angle
  • Road or race use
  • Offset & hand span adjustable

Specifically designed for Formula race & kit car the use of paddles not only allow gearshifts to be made far faster and clutch less while full throttle, it allows the driver to keep both hands on the wheel, both eyes on the track and provides them with much more time to concentrate on their driving.


The Flatshifter Max electric gear shifter is dual acting for both up & down shifts and is very fast and consistent. Suitable for virtually any kind of riding or driving, whether you are looking for a fast change for racing, comfort and convenience or if you have a disability preventing you from changing gear easily. The Flatshifter Max is the ideal solution for everyone.

  • Compact design
  • No airbottles required
  • No limit to number of gear shifts
  • Weather proof construction
  • Handle bar mounted remote gear change buttons
  • Works on almost every sequential gearbox from motorbikes to race & rally cars



This kit enables you to do full or part throttle clutchless up gearshifts and auto throttle blipped clutchless downshifts, SIMPLEY AWESOME!

  • Auto self regulating throttle blip for downshifts
  • A computer is not required for set upm or adjustments
  • compatable with all aftermarket fueling management systems
  • Adjustable ignition cut timing or fuel injection cut if required
  • Soft power restore for smooth gear changes
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Built in inhibitor prevents engine damage


All Flatshifter products and motorcycle quickshifter are repairable, most of our competitors products are made in China and are totally sealed so that when you have a problem just after the warranty has expired you have to throw it away and pay for another unit. All Flatshifter clutch less shifting kits are repairable so in the very unlikely event of a problem after the 12 month guarantee has expired you can return the unit to us for any repairs, we still repair or kits we supplied over 12 years ago!!!