Just go to the “Book Now” or “Buy Vouchers” section at the top of any page, have your credit card ready, and choose the experience that you would like.

Alternatively, if you would rather talk to one of our staff about the options, please call us on 07 377 0338.

For information on how to redeem your gift voucher please see our Redeem your Gift Voucher page.

Formula Challenge experiences are also available through the following re sellers:

  • Freeman X
  • Red Balloon
  • Drivers Day
  • TicketTek
  •  Adrenalin
  • Gifts to Remember
  • Miny and Mo

If you have a voucher with one of these companies, please contact them first via their website or contact details written on your voucher to redeem it. They will contact us on your behalf and they will have a list of our available drive dates for you to select from.

As we run at various tracks and offer various different driving experiences, the amount of laps you drive will vary.  At Taupo we usually use Track 3. Occasionally we may have to use Track 1, it is over twice the length of Track 3 so you’ll actually get a slightly longer drive although your lap number will be halved

Below is a list of the tracks and which configurations we use.

Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park 

  • Track 3 – all experiences happen on Track 3 unless stated otherwise on the day (sometimes it is beyond our control which track the management of the Taupo Motorsport Park give us to use that day). You can also purchase additional laps when you get here if you fancy some more!

Hampton Downs Motorsport Park

  • National track – all experiences happen on the National track.You have the options of 2 different lap packages: either 3 laps or 5 laps. You can also add additional laps when you get here if you fancy some more!

To read the Formula Challenge Terms and Conditions, please click here.

You are liable for any damage to the car while you are driving.

We do offer an indemnity waiver package which reduces the payable excess to you would have to pay.

For example – on the “Drive a V8 Racecar” expereince, by paying the indemnity waiver fee of $50, you will limit your liability from the replacement cost of the damage to the racecar down to $300 for any one incident.

Please be aware the if you do have an incident, your drive session will be ended.

Driving a racecar, whether a single seater or a V8 saloon is an unforgettable experience and totally different from driving a road car. The cars are very easy to drive but will reward and test your skills in order to get the ultimate lap time. These cars do have a clutch so some experience using a clutch is desired.

If you can not drive a car with a clutch please give us a call to discuss what your options may be – 07 377 0338

At Formula Challenge, your session driving the V8 racecar is made easier by having one of our qualified instructors sitting alongside you. They are there to help you get the most out of the experience, both in lap times and enjoyment.

The Formula Challenge single seater racecar has, as the name suggests, only one seat. Driving these cars will provide you with the ultimate experience of being a racecar driver for a session!!

All the specifications about the cars can be found in the Cars section of our website.

You will be driving our specially prepared V8 or single seater racecars on one of New Zealand’s top race tracks. At Formula Challenge, we only do race experiences, if you want to do drifting, speedway or rallying, please call us and we can put you touch with someone who we can recommend.

Absolutely!!!! Whether they’re into V8 Supercars, Formula 1, Indy car, any other sort of motorsport or they just like driving fast, this will be an experience that they won’t forget!!

No. Formula Challenge will provide you with a race suit, race boots, helmet and gloves for the duration of your experience. The only thing you need to bring is a pair of socks!!

To drive with Formula Challenge, you don’t need a license.

You must be over 14 years of age to drive. Drivers aged between 14 and 18 years of age must have a guardian present to counter sign the indemnity.

For those aged under 14, or those wanting to drive something a little smaller (but just as fun) we have karts available. Visit www.taupokarts.co.nz for more information

Yes, there can be other cars on the track but these will only be of the same type and we always limit the number of cars for safety.

Everybody is welcome and one of your lucky spectators will get the chance to go around the track with you when you go on your familiarisation lap.

Yes you can. At any stage during the day, you can upgrade to do extra laps, have another session by a video of your drive or do an alternative experience. Ask us about the different upgrade options and prices that go with each experience.

Due to the amount of cars we have, we can provide experiences for individuals through to large groups of up to 200 drivers per day. Please email us to discuss your guest numbers if you have a large group.

Please click on the appropriate track to download the directions.  We are based at 463 Broadlands Road, Taupo, 3377

Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park

Hampton Downs Motorsport Park

If your time is fast enough, then it will be added to our Top 30 Leaderboard where you will stay for 6 months or until someone beats your time. This list will be updated after each drive day.

We now also offer karts. We have the most powerful recreational karts in the world and are open 7 days a week. We have adult karts, kids karts and tandem karts available for the whole family to have some fun.

For more information visit www.taupokarts.co.nz